107-Year-Old Youtube Chef Mastanamma No More

Country foods, a YouTube channel shot to fame and attained over 12 lakh followers in just under 2 years, all thanks to 107-year-old chef Mastanamma.

The oldest YouTuber in the old was a resident of Guntur district, and her distinct relative named Laxman used to shoot and upload her cooking videos on YouTube.

Within no time, Country foods emerged as a top channel as people around the world showed enormous interest in the peculiar cooking style of Mastanamma.

It has been a while since the channel had uploaded any videos and that left her followers curious. However, reports have officially confirmed that the elderly chef is no more.

Watermelon chicken is one of the most popular dishes of Mastanamma who expertise is preparing seafood and other non-vegetarian items.

Mastanamma is survived by one of her five son’s, who used to live right beside her house.

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