5 Movies That Had To Be Re-shot

5 Movies That Had To Be Reshot

Right from Maro Charitra to Kabali, Indian cinema has seen several instances where portions of the film were re-shot to make it better and more appealing to the sensibilities of the audience. This was more specific to the climax portion were an alternative climax was shot, beta tested, and screened only to the audience in certain regions.

Remember how Kabali ended with a black screen here leaving the audience guessing if Kabali survived the bullet shot or if he was the one who shot his assassin? Well, the Malaysian version of the film had the Superstar surrender himself to the Malaysian police after killing the don, thereby giving closure to the character and story – The film begins in the Malaysian prison and ends there, life comes a full circle for Kabali.

We have also seen movies that had just the comedy track re-shot, when the films were bilingual. One example of this is Jilla where Brahmanandam replaces Soori in the Telugu version of the film. In a few other cases, new scenes are added to the film to make it appealing to the regional audience. One case in point is the recent blockbuster biopic of the Lady Superstar Savitri, which had a few scenes re-shot to suit the sensibilities of the regional audience.

However, the definition re-shoot differs in world cinema, where there have been instances of major portions of the film being re-shot to make it better. Here are 5 Movies That Had to Bere-shot.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story –   Remember how Young Sheldon Cooper had a pep-talk ready for his older self, which he could use when they stopped making Star Wars movies? Well, this was a situation similar to that for the Star Wars fans world over. The news of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, being re-shot left everyone paranoid, but when the movie released with all the re-shots, which gave more depth to the plot and the characters and added to a power-packed climax.

Shrek – This animated film had the entire portion dubbed by Mike Myers for the titular character redone. This was based on Myers’s suggestion that the character should have a Scottish accent and not a British accent, to match it’s working-class nature. Spending a whopping $4 million dollars the studio re-did the dubbing, the rest is history!

Jaws –  This was one movie that was bound to be a hit, given the names associated with it. But the director couldn’t just get the reactions he wanted from the audience by showing the huge Shark scaring the daylight out of people. That’s when he decided to re-shoot portions of the film with the fear of the Shark haunting people’s minds, without having to show the Shark on screen. This did work in favor of the film and we know how great the success of the franchise has been since then.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Star Wars series and re-shoots, look like a match made in heaven. This was yet another film from the franchise that was made better by re-shooting portions of the film to add humor, emotions, and conversations between the characters. A lot of crucial scenes, including the opening interaction between Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron was also a product of the re-shoot.

Varma: Adithya Varma –  Dhruv Vikram’s movie debut, the remake of Arjun Reddy, Bala as the director, the movie had everything to get the audience excited. However, the first look, teaser, and trailer all received a lot of flake. When the final output turned out to be unimpressive, the producers of this film, decided to re-shoot the whole film with a new look, retaining just the protagonist and changing everything else. A new title, a new director, a new female lead, everything had a fresh makeover. One should wait and see how the re-shoot charm works for Adithya Varma (Dhruv Vikram), as this is the first of its kind in Indian cinema.


Do you know of any more films that were re-shot to make it better? Tell us in the comments below.

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Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer