5 Stylish Ways To Beat The Heat Of This Summer

5 Stylish Ways To Beat The Heat Of This Summer

Your parachute oil isn’t sticking to the bottle anymore, there’s Dermicool ad on TV, and lying around in your bed is no longer comfortable in the morning. If these are something you’ve been experiencing in the past few days, then you know that Summer has arrived! While the heat isn’t anybody’s friend, you need not look distressed during the season.

Here are 5 Stylish Ways to Beat the Summer Heat This Season!

Embrace Lighter Hues

Stick to colors like the yellow, blue, pale green, light pink, etc.


Experiment With Khadi And Linen

Khadi and Linen are the more breathable choice of clothing to beat the summer heat.


Lose Yourself In Not So Tight Garments

Clothes that are body hugging make you feel warmer, so pick something that’s probably one size bigger and more comfortable.


Try New Patterns

Flowers, geometric shapes, there’s a lot to explore in the styling department if you wish to make a mark at the summer events.


Flaunt Your Feet In Slippers

Shun the shoes whenever possible and embrace a pair of sandals or slippers. But make sure you dab your feet with a generous amount of sunscreen before you step out.


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Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer