6 Beauty Hacks That You Can Try In Less Than Six Minutes

6 Beauty Hacks That You Can Try In Less Than Six Minutes

The clock is ticking and we have not more than 6 hours left to hit the dance floor! But, are you also at work like me and don’t have the time to get a complete makeover or groom yourself for that absolutely stunning party look? Here are 6 Beauty Hacks That You Can Try in Less Than Six Minutes that you can try and steal the show tonight!

Smile Like A Star:

Mash and rub a strawberry over your teeth. This will leave you with an ivory grin that would steal the show tonight.

Tea Bag To The Rescue:

Haven’t slept well last night and your eyes look tired and dull? Don’t worry, those tea bags stacked up in your cafeteria could come to your rescue. Dip two tea bags in a hot cup of water, squeeze out any excess moisture on the bags and place it on your eyes for a few minutes. Do this as often as possible until you work on your eye makeup. Your eyes will do the talking all night 😉


Add Volume To Your Hair:

Flip your head over and blow dry your hair in cool settings. This will add a bouncy look to your locks making it look extra full.


Fragrance Your Palms:

You are bound to meet a lot of friends, friends of friends, and strangers tonight, and shake hands with them. So, why not leave a lingering scent of yours in their plams? Dab a small amount of fragrance mist to your hands and rock that handshake.


Fix Your Nails:

I know I know, you don’t have the time to hit the nail bar, but, you could always make it look like you did visit one. Apply a bright shiny extra coat on whatever nail polish you are wearing and make your hand look glossy all night long.


Fix Your Hair:

If you’ve been on a partying spree this weekend and have bar hair, fix the smell by gently rubbing a dryer sheet or a fabric sheet to your hair. This will take away the bad odor and leave your hair static free.


We hope these tips were helpful. Do you know some fun tips too that could be used just before one steps into the party? Share them with us in the comments section.

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Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer