6 Foods To Count On This Summer To Beat The Heat

The soaring temperatures, sweat, and the skyrocketing electricity bills make the summer a horrendous experience for everyone. But did you know that you could count on a few comfort foods to deal with the summer better? Here’s your guide to the  6 Foods to Count on This Summer to Beat the Heat!

Curd Is The Word:

Make curd an integral part of your diet. Don’t call it a meal without a spoon or two of curd. You may also treat yourself to a glass of cold buttermilk on a hot summer day.

Aam Panna Is Lub:

How can a summer diet exist without a mention of the king of fruits? So, here’s one way you could get healthy this summer with a tasty raw mango drink. Aam Panna or raw mango juice is known to help fight constipation, blood pressure issues, along with building your body’s resistance.


Onion Is Your Savior:

While you might not like the bad taste in your mouth, never give up on onions in your diet during the summer months. Make a salad, dash out little chopped pieces of the vegetable in your meals, or make raita with it, to beat the heat.

Love The Lemon:

Nothing could feel more refreshing than a glass of no-nonsense lemon juice during summer. You could also make it a substitute for your evening chai.


Cool It With A Cucumber:

Cucumber has a high amount of water and is rich in fiber which keeps your body healthy and cooler during the summer months. So, make sure you include this in your diet as salads, a crunchy snack, or a refresher in your water.


Melons are rich in water content and help you stay hydrated during the summer seasons. Substitute melons with your regular meals to stay full and healthy.

You could also include a lot of green leafy vegetables, coconut water, mint, and milk to your meals to stay healthy. Also, remember to cut down on the species as they make you feel warmer.

Did we miss out on any interesting foods that you could have during the summer months? Tell us in the comments section. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer