8 Probable Reasons Why You’re Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

8 Probable Reasons Why You're Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

Waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone.

Here’s a breakdown of a few such reasons why you may be waking up and don’t have a clue why it’s happening to you.

Room Temperature

Your body needs an optimal temperature in order to feel relaxed and only then can you fall asleep. Any major changes in the room temperature can obstruct your sleep.


Medical Condition

Your body tries it’s best to neglect the physical needs when you’re asleep. But uncontrollable conditions like thirst and aching can get you up easily.


Noisy Surroundings

You should always prefer to sleep in a peaceful and calm environment as even the minutest of disturbances can get you up all night. Noisy surroundings are a big no-no when you get down to sleep.

Partying Just Before Sleep

Well, partying culture primarily includes consumption of alcohol and there is nothing much you can do about that. Consuming too much alcohol just before sleeping can trouble your internal parts, not letting you sleep.


Sleep Apnea

This is a medical condition that is mainly observed in males aged over 50. The flow of air to the lungs is restricted and that can lead to various complexities if left unattended.

Psychological Condition

The psychological condition of a person when it comes to their sleep pattern. A happy person will find it easy to fall asleep when compared to that of a sorrowful one.


Skin Conditions

Irritating skin condition is the last thing you need when you are asleep. Constant itching sensation and crawling sensation will activate your muscles, eventually waking you up.

Food Pattern

Eating too much junk food before sleeping will put your stomach through a lot of pressure and that will not let you have a good night’s sleep. The acidity in the food will keep you awake all night long.


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Contributed By Sathvik Reddy