Diffuse the benefits of potato juice

Diffuse the benefits of potato juicePotatoes are Indian’s all time favorite. They are aliens who resist potatoes. Might be a nickname or a veggie, it’s the first love and who can forget their first love? But, aloo aka potato is kept far from those who are fat. Because they consider it as a substance which builds up more calories, making you look fat. Don’t worry; here is the answer to all who are against the potatoes. Yes, the reply would be the benefits of potato which turns you beautiful.

The bulky and thick tubers are not unhealthy. Many think that they contribute to weight gain but forget to notice the vitamins hidden under them. There are many micronutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, iron and phosphorous which keeps us healthy.

The must be ‘vegetable’ in Indian curries is an ingredient that helps fight inflammation and high blood pressure apart from calming the nerves. In fact, its juice consists of many benefits of having a glowing skin.

Make space for yourselves to read on the importance of its juice.

1. Drinking potato juice reacts to the swollen, red, the painful part and heals it quickly. The researchers say that sub-cytotoxic concentrations of potato glycoalkaloids and potato peel extracts possess anti-inflammatory effects may be useful in the prevention of infections. Potato acts as an anti-inflammatory property fights with the infection and helps your skin to look beautiful.

2. Aloo is also good for our facial skin. Its juice removes your scars, spots, blemishes, hard skin and also prevents the issues regarding skin darkening. Topical application of potato juice with yogurt/egg/cucumber/lemon juice etc brings the glowing skin and rediscovers a new personality. As it is rich in Vitamin C which is vital for maintaining skin health and the calcium present in it will heal the dry skin so preferring this would be the best option.

3. The most painful part than the breakup would be nail cuticle. It is very difficult to work with that pain. We rather feel like chopping out our finger when you fail to cut the cuticle using a nail cutter. Don’t worry; here is your friend to remove the dead skin and also impurities in an easy way. The presence of zinc in it covers and protects the damaged skin. Apply potato juice on the skin layer and scrub it smoothly. Simple!

4. Again Vitamin C. You can squeeze out the vitamins present in it in order to whiten your skin. Potato consists of mild bleaching properties help in reducing melamine production, lowers hyper pigmentation and lightens the skin efficiently. Apply the juice with honey/tomato/turmeric/olive oil/milk helps you in skin whitening.

5. It is a wonderful remedy for removing the dark circles. The most common problem suffered by many is the dark circles around the eyes. The work pressure, stress, constant contact with computers gives birth to dark circles weakening your cell formation. Potato contains Vitamin B6 which improves new cell formation by removing the circles around the eyes. Try it and shoo them away!

6. Are you worried about the folds on your face? Then try out potato juice. It involves potassium and magnesium which acts as a moisturizer and removes the wrinkles from one’s face. It even hydrates your skin and makes you feel fresh. Engage the juice with the skin to reduce your age, physically.


Now, all the so-called ‘couch potatoes’ out there, raise your heads with pride and shout out the profits of putting potatoes on your checklist.