Home Remedies For Dry And Chapped Lips

Winters tend to give us a natural pink blush on our cheeks, and a fairer tone to our skin. But a dry and chapped effect on our lips. It’s very painful having a chapped lips. Our lips must be moisturised perfectly to avoid or prevent dry and chapped lips. Here are few home remedies to fix and heal dry and chapped lips and bring them back to life.

1. Almond oil
As we all know almond oil has a lot of benefits. It heals dryness of the skin and repairs it. Same way apply a little bit of almond oil on our lips in the night time before going to bed will heal and prevent dry lips. Almond oil contains vitamin A and E that are very good for skin.

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2. Sugar
Lips like skin should be regularly scrubbed. Using the readily made scrubs containing chemicals will some or the other way hurt your lips. Make a scrub at home easily using sugar, coconut oil, and any essential oils which is an option. It will clear the dirt and exfoliate your lips well.

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3. Honey
Honey contains vitamin C, that keeps our lips hydrated. It also has antibiotic and antibacterial properties. Honey can be used with lemon, Cinnamon powder, glycerin and rose water. This ingredient works magically well with any other ingredients. It heals unhydrated lips and repairs damaged lips.

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4. Milk
Milk is well known for its good and beneficial qualities. It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, maltose, b12, b6, A and C vitamins. Make a paste of milk with turmeric powder and apply on your lips for 5 minutes. Scrub off gently. It leaves your lips well hydrated, soft and moisturised.

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5. Tomato juice
Tomato has antioxidants that help in rejuvenation of cells of your lips. It prevents damaged lips and exfoliate them. Use little tomato juice directly on your lips. Wash it off after few minutes. It leaves your lips plumped.

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