Igloo Froyo – The Dessert Your Soul Deserves

Igloo Froyo - The Dessert Your Soul Deserves

Frozen Yogurt, a heavenly word and music to the ears in this scorching summer heat. Treating yourself to one could give you the much-needed respite and help you unwind with friends, loved one, or fuel your soul-searching mission. But, where do you get the best frozen yogurt in Hyderabad? Well, every store claims to be the best and have a set of offerings unique to themselves, but do they have what your soul craves for? Something that tastes like a piece of heaven? Well, the answer is, maybe yes – maybe no. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for the best or settle for something that might probably be next to the best.

Igloo Froyo - The Dessert Your Soul Deserves 02When kings ruled our land, they went across the seas and mountains to find answers to questions that intrigue them and looked for the answers until they found it. But, trust me, you’d not have to go on a wild goose chase like that, because, here in Hyderabad, in the lanes of the land that houses our Cricket Stadium, Uppal, stands a store that has the best frozen yogurt in town just for you.

Named as IGLOO Minus Degree Magic, this kingdom of joy is painted in the hues of happiness. With purple seats and yellow bean bags, the ambiance of the place spreads joy in itself. What about yogurt? Well, that’s when you’d get set on a journey of Euphoria. This place serves frozen yogurt in multiple forms that leaves you spoiled for choices, shakes, rolls, smoothies, you name it, they have it!

That doesn’t seem enough? In that case, make sure you try out their Waffles with Froyo – Frozen Yogurt combination, or get a thrill of experiencing smoke coming out of your nose and mouth from the infusion of liquid nitrogen with Froyo.

Did you know that they also have a magic syrup that gives this special taste to all your orders? Make sure you check out this newly found adda of your gang this Summer season and cool it down with some Froyo, while you top it with the 40 odd topping options they give you.

Do visit this place and tell us what you think of it, in the comments section below. Don’t forget to tag your friends with whom you’ve love to visit this place.

How to get there?

IGLOO Minus Degree Magic

2-1-57, Near Uppal Metro Station, Beside Masterchef Restaurant,

Uppal Main Road, Vijayapuri Colony, Uppal-500039

Reach us at 040 43460609

Price range starts from 149/-

Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 11:30 pm
Friday and Saturday 11 am to 11:30 pm


Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer