Let’s Celebrate Diwali With These 20 Delicacies

Deepavali or so-called Diwali is the most important festival in India. It is the festival of lights and sweets. We celebrate the occasion of the death of the demon Narakasura and the festivity through lights and diyas. We distribute sweets mostly preferred home made to our near and dear. This year Diwali falls on 19th of October 2017.

  1. Motichoor Ladoos are the delicious homemade motichoor ladoo that are great to celebrate any occasion or festival such as Diwali, Holi, Rakhi and many more. To make them at home Mix the besan and baking powder very well in a big bowl add ghee and a good amount of water to make a thick consistency batter. In a pan add oil or ghee. With the help of perforated holes spoon drop the small portions of boondies into the hot ghee and Fry until boondi turns into nice golden brown in color. Combine the milk, sugar and orange color. Dissolve the sugar completely into a syrup. add the fried boondies in the syrup along with raisins, almonds and pistachio. Allow the mixture to cool completely and then serve by making the ladoos.

Motichoor Ladoos-Manaera

2. Boondi Ladoos are mostly made on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. To make these Sieve the besan and make it lump free. Add cooking soda and food color and water to make a batter and maintain the consistency. Saute the chopped nuts and cloves in little ghee. make sugar syrup now. Add cardamom powder and few strands of saffron and rose water for flavour. Heat a good amount of oil in a frying pan and make boondis using perforated spatula. When the boondi’s are half fried transfer into a vessel. Add prepared sugar sryup and start making ladoos. Serve when cooled.

Boondi Ladoos-ManaEra

3. Rava Laddu  fry dry fruits in ghee and put aside. Fry sooji in ghee in the same pan until the slight colour change. Stir continuously and add coconut powder. Then add sugar and let it completely melt down. Turn off the flame and cool it down a bit. Gradually add Luke warm milk and mix well to make RAVA moist. Make them into laddus. Serve when cooled

Rava Laddu-Manaera

4. Coconut Sweet: Easiest homemade sweet with easily available grocery. Start off with frying dry coconut powder in ghee. Add sugar after the change of colour of coconut powder. Stir constantly. Add milk and lower the flame and let it come to boil. Add dry fruits and let it set in a cake pan until it cools down. Cut into small pieces or shapes of your wish and serve it. Food colouring is optional.

Coconut Sweet-Manaera

5. Poornam Boorelu is one of the most famous sweet from Andhra cuisine. It is a deep fried item having a stuffing of jaggery and chana dal. The outer coating of rice and urad dal batter similar to that of dosa. Adding coconut powder is completely optional. If you like you can add 1/4 cup of dry coconut powder.

Poornam Boorelu-Manaera

6. Gulab Jamun : It is the most favourite and loved sweet in India. It is made by kneading koya (kova) with milk powder and maida. Knead the dough until soften. Make them into small balls and fry in ghee. Put these fried balls in warm sugar syrup. Serve them after cooled. Adding rose water to sugar syrup is completely optional.

7. Double Ka Meetha : In a heat pan add ghee and add bread after removing the sides and toast until golden yellow and flip to the next side. After toasting all pieces of bread keep them aside and in the same pan fry almonds and cashews. Take sweetened condensed milk and milk in the ratio 1:3 and add cardamom powder. Arrange the bread slices in a layer on the milk mixture and then make a second layer of the bread slices. Add the fried nuts on the bread. Sprinkle rose water for flavour. On a low flame simmer the double ka meetha till the milk is absorbed by the bread slices. you can serve double ka meetha warm or you can chill it and then serve later.

8. Jalebi is the most common and beloved sweet in India. Making it in the home involves 10-12 hours of time. add maida and yoghurt into a bowl and mix well. whisk it well and add cardamom powder, food colour, baking powder and vinegar. let sit for 10-12 hours. in a hot pan add sugar, water, little milk and saffron and let boil. now take the batter and pour it into a sauce squeezer. in hot oil or ghee turn the bottles to make jalebis and after they turn into golden brown colour transfer them into the sugar syrup vessel. serve it hot.


9. Mysore Pak is the common available sweet all over India. Sieve besan and remove all lumps. Heat ghee in a pan and roast the besan in it. In another pan boil sugar syrup until it reaches one string consistency. Melt but do not boil ghee. After sugar syrup is done add the besan and stir simultaneously. Add the ghee and don’t stop stirring. Transfer the mixture into a greased plate and cool it down. Cut them into pieces before serving.

Mysore Pak-Manaera

10. Doodh Peda is a Maharashtrian sweet. It is made at home easily. To start off , add condensed milk and milk powder in a pan. Mix it into smooth paste and add cardamom powder and ghee mix it well. Make its consistency harder. Once it gets harder and leaves the sides of pan transfer it into another vessel. let it cool. knead it into smooth dough add ghee if hard to mix. Make them into small balls and add pistachios on top before serving.

Doodh Peda-Manaera

11. Seviyan Kheer it is the easiest homemade sweet recipe. Cloves and cardamom are fried in ghee until aroma is released and then add vermicelli fry until it’s golden brown. Add milk and let it come to boil and then add sugar. Simmer the stove and let the seviyan boil. Serve by adding chopped dry fruits.

Seviyan Kheer-Manaera

12. Chawal Kheer is the favorite north Indian cuisine. It is made with basmathi rice, ghee, nuts and saffron. Boil the milk and add drained basmathi rice lowering the flame. Stir and let the rice cook under simm flame. After rice is cooked and the consistency of milk gets thicker add sugar and stir constantly to avoid formation of lumps. When rice is almost cooked add sliced dry fruits and nuts and cardamom powder to taste and rose water for flavour. Serve hot or cold.

Chawal Kheer-Manaera

13. Rabri is a Punjabi sweet. Rabri is made by boiling the milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its color to pinkish. Sugar, cardamom powder are added and stirred continuously. Nuts and rose water are added to it to give it flavour. It is chilled and served as dessert.

Rabri Sweet-Manaera

14. Dry Fruit Barfi : blanch dried figs and raisins in hot water. cover and keep the bowl aside for 20 minutes. when the figs are blanching, take the almonds, cashews,  pistachios and walnuts in a grinder or food processor and pulse more till you get them in small bits and pieces. In the same grinder jar, add figs, raisins and chopped dates and grind these into a coarse paste. Heat coconut oil; on a low flame, stir and saute till the sesame seeds crackle and their color changes. Then add desiccated coconut. Then add the ground dry fruits; stir and saute for about 3 to 4 minutes on a low flame. Add the ground dates-figs-raisins paste and stir lightly. then switch off the flame and add rose water or cardamom powder or a few saffron strands instead of rose water. when the mixture is warm, then divide into two parts. apply a bit of coconut oil on your palms and roll each mixture part into a log. Serve dry fruits barfi as a Diwali sweet or as an after meal dessert.

Dry Fruit Barfi-Manaera

15. Kaju Barfi : Grind cashews to a fine powder and keep aside add ghee and melt it, then add 2 cups of grated or chopped mawa. Once mawa melts add ½ cup sugar. Keep stirring until sugar dissolves and then add the ground cashew powder also cardamom powder. Then pour the barfi mixture on a greased tray or plate. take care while pouring the barfi mixture as it will be hot. allow the barfi to cool at room temperature. it will set as it cools down. slice the barfi into square or diamond shape.  Serve Kaju barfi as a Diwali sweet.

Kaju Barfi-Manaera

16. Kalakand : Take sweetened condensed milk add the grated or crumbled paneer to the condensed milk. mix very well. add some sugar as per taste. keep the flame on low or sim and cook this mixture of condensed milk and grated paneer. After the mixture is thickened add cardamom powder. the kalakand mixture should have some moisture and should look dry. Put the mixture into a greased pan and let set. Cut them after garnishing with sliced pistas.Kalakand-Manaera

17. Rasgullas are the Bengals ultimate favourite food. To make them at home boil milk and slowly add lemon juice while stirring until curdling forms. Remove water and wash it under running water in a metal strainer with a muslin cloth. wrap the mixture in the same muslin cloth and set aside. knead it to smooth dough. Make small round balls. In a pressure cooker add sugar, cardamom powder and water. After sugar gets dissolved put the balls into the cooker and wait for a whistle under medium flame. After pressure is released serve it.


18.Rasmalai is the colourful version of Rasgulla. To make it at home you can use Rasgullas made from above recipe. Release the syrup from Rasgullas and set aside.Boil milk and add saffron and sugar to it. Keep stirring constantly. add these Rasgullas and let it absorb the milk and later serve them.


19. Gajar Ka Halwa : The healthiest homemade sweet recipe. It is made by washing and peeling off followed by grating the carrots. Fry them in the ghee or oil for a healthier alternative. Add sugar and let it melt. Stir at regular intervals and add milk into it and let the flame simmer and add koya and dry fruits before serving.

Gajar Ka Halwa-Manaera

20. Sooji Halwa : Fry sooji in ghee until golden brown add sugar and water stir continuously to avoid lump formation. After thickened add sliced and ghee roasted dry fruits and nuts. Serve hot directly or with poori.

Sooji Halwa-Manaera

Happy Diwali To All