Love In A Gadgetless World. A Photo Series By Myreflections.

Love In A Gadgetless World. A Photo Series By Myreflections.

Love, the word that’s used so much and so casually by everyone these days. A time when Valentine’s day is about celebrating love with #insta worthy moments rather than celebrating love itself, I think it is important to reflect on how we’ve changed our definitions of being wanted and how our relationships have evolved.

We live in a time where proposals, fights, romance, breakup, and everything else about a relationship can happen casually over a text message or a video call. Two blue ticks can decide the fate of love and likes can dictate the compatibility of couples.

Does this beautiful emotion which touches every life and every being alike not deserved better? The feeling of being wanted and cared for, something that all of us long for, needs to be treated with more respect than we give it today. But, was it the same always? Did people who lived several thousand, hundred, or even a few decades ago love this way? I’m sure the answer is no.

So, how did they love when the gadgets didn’t take over? When emotions where expressed by facial expressions and not by sharing emojis? Manaera along with Myreflections decided to capture these for you in this picture series where we trace back the love as it was several years ago.

These pictures are about the time when love, fights, confrontations, cajoling, et al., happened in person, sitting across the same room and not through a gadget.

There did exist the concept of long distance, but then, the need to wait for letters and messages for days together only made the love grow fonder. But now, we’re just a selfie or a video call away and that’s just been the cause of a lot of breakups than forming everlasting bonds of love.

We hope you like this attempt to recreate the magic of love before technology, where the emotions were unadulterated and not influenced by the number of “likes” and “shares” on social media.

Check out the pictures, tag your friends, and spread the message of falling in love without gadgets this Valentine’s day.


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Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer