AAMRAS: simplest yet delicious

AAMRAS simplest yet delicious.

Mango, the king of fruit pricey walked the carpet quiet early this season. And since then, all our heart could think are those delicious looking mangoes, our eyes can’t be taken off once fallen on them. Oh, these tempting mangoes can turn anyone crazy! The variety they offers are again yum, from beverages to snacks- everything! One of the most common, simple yet delicious one is aamras. It is famous all over India.

Here is the recipe if you still haven’t tasted this.


  • Mangoes (depending on quantity desired)
  • Milk or water (if you don’t to add)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Cardamom or saffron strands


Basically all you need for ammras is aam. Mango is the hero here, rest all are side actors. So let’s begin

  1. Take mangoes depending on quantity you want. Chill the mangoes in the fridge beforehand for few hours. The wrinkled mangoes are the best option for aamras.

2.Massage the mangoes over the skin and then squeeze out the pulp. Mix in sugar only if needed. (Mangoes in natural form is best, nothing can beat the taste.)

3.Add cardamom powder and blend them into thick, fine pulp to avoid any lumps.

4.Add milk or water to the consistency if it is too thick.

5.And your aamras is ready to be savoured. Top it with saffron strands, that’s all.

Aamras can be tasted alone or even with puri, the best combo ever. Try it. Trust me, you will regret if missed the taste.