Rajinikanth Petta Parak!

Rajinikanth Petta Parak!

The relation between a star hero and a fan is simple. Fans expect a wholesome entertainer, and the stars expect the fans to make the film a hit. But what happens when a bunch of fanboys comes together to make a film with their star hero? The result would be spectacular like Petta.

The first-day frenzy:

We’ve all seen fans excitedly rushing into the theater to witness their favorite hero in action and the fan frenzy is something that words cannot fathom if the star in question is the Superstar Rajinikanth himself. But, how often do we see people stepping out with the same excitement, joy, and a sense of satisfaction? While we all love a lot of films, the impact it creates is mostly leaving a smile on our face, seldom do we come out in a sense of euphoria. Petta gives you exactly that! It leaves you on a very high note, wanting to come back and relive the experience all over again for the next show itself.

On the first day first show of Petta, the scene was all electrifying as fans, young and old alike, came in to celebrate their favorite actor’s film, that was made by a director, who’s a fanboy, just like anyone else in the crowd.

Fan moments in the film:

The movie began with the yesteryear classic title of SuperStar in Blue and Thalaiavar’s name in flashing in Yellow. The icing on the cake was the Annamalai music that was retained for this film as well leaving everyone with goosebumps. That was just the beginning. Not taking too long to bring the star on screen, the introduction of the hero with just half of the face being visible, happened with a mass well-choreographed fight, but that was just one of the many intros that the movie had. In fact, it wouldn’t be a eulogization to say that every shot featuring the Superstar looked like the first introduction shot and every fight was power-packed like the climax fight giving a visual treat to the audience.

Not revealing much about the movie or its plot to ensure you enjoy every bit of it while you watch it, one could only say that this movie has ample moments that make you feel that only a fan could have directed a picture with Thalaivar like this. Everyone who grew up in theĀ  80s and the 90s watching Rajinikanth’s films with surely enjoy this visual treat that is packed with a wonderful dose of drama, action, romance, comedy, and of course Thalaivar’s style, all this is beautifully dished out with wonderful technical work, screenplay, and music.

Other actors:

The huge star cast has been rightly used and everyone enjoys a great screen time and depth of characterization. No person looks forced into the film in every scene making it obvious that the director had it all visualized and knows the perfect recipe to make an entertaining Thalaivar film. Vijay Sethupathi, as always steals the show with his acting in every scene that he’s there. Simran comes in like a breath of fresh air, recreating the magic of her days as a heroine. Trisha, Sasi Kumar, Bobby Simha, everyone has great moments in the film that will leave you thinking about them long after you’ve stepped out of the cinema hall.

TLDR: This is one film made by a Thalaivar fan for the Thalaivar fans and would be used as a benchmark for several decades to come.

Try hard, get your tickets, watch it, rewatch it, and fall in love with Rajinikanth all over again!

Contributed By Sindhuja Iyer