Summer Drinks To Refresh You In Blinks

The temperature is so high nowadays. The heat literally sucks our energy up. All we need is cool, refreshing drinks. They are such a relief in summers. These summer drinks are a bliss indeed! The feeling is undefined when these cool beverages pass through our throat.

Here are the top 5 basic healthy, cool drinks that would make your day! All you need is to pick up the ingredients from your kitchen. Rush then!

Lemonade or Nimbupani:

lemon juice

This is nothing new to us. Every household welcomes their guest with nimbupani during summers. It is almost like a tradition all over India. In the north, it is popular by the name of Shikanji. Remember the ad of Glucon D? The bua brings along an army man who carries her luggage all the way from station to house. In return, she asks her bahu to bring nimbupani for the man. How nice! See, nimbupani is established welcome drink in summers. All you need is lemon juice and water. For taste add sugar or salt. For flavours add mint, cumin powder etc.

Ice tea:


Now, this is a substitute for your coffee or tea during summers. It will chill you down in this heated up environment, taking away all the tiredness from your body. All you need is; prepare the tea, refrigerate it. While drinking put ice cubes in the glass and then pour the drink over. Later, add the sweet syrup if desired. Try it and you will go back to work with full energy.



Holi is over by March but thandai should continue until summer bid us bye. So, Say hi to thandai again. It is one such refreshing drink that everyone must try. It tastes yum. It is traditionally made of milk with almond, rose, and spices. For flavor, mint and special herbs are added. All these together in a drink, of course, it would be delicious.



The word lassi has a pre-set connotation along with its name. The big, brass glasses, Dhaba, Punjab comes along it into our mind. However, lassi isn’t limited to Punjabis only. In other parts of India, it is known as buttermilk or Chaas. One can add sugar to taste sweet lassi or add salt with spices and mint to try something different than a traditional sweet one. The basic ingredient here is yogurt or curd.



This is good for two things, along with keeping your body cool and hydrated, it also keeps you away from the washroom. Basically, it helps in digestion, keeping the stomach in good shape. It is made by squeezing a lemon in water with Jal-jeera powder and mint for flavor.

Coconut water:

Coconut Water

One can’t miss this in summer. Everywhere you go you can see vendors selling coconut water. And under the brimming sun, you can’t ignore it too. Fresh coconut water is very healthy during summers. Along with keeping your body hydrated, it also gives important nutrients to your body.

Aam Panna:

Aam Panna

Taking about summers, how can we miss mango? Aam Panna is made of raw mangoes. The dangling, green raw mangoes from the tree that tempts you, you can make aam panna out of them. If not from trees, the market has lots of them. Pressure cook them then peel off the skin and take the pulp out. Later add sugar, salt, jaggery or cardamom powder to better the taste.

Fruit juice:

Fruit juice

Fruit juice keeps you healthy and fits all the seasons. Providing you the needed nutrients and removing toxins down your body, it keeps your body hydrated. In summers, your body needs special attention and so it is important to take juices into your system. Fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, and pomegranate are very much available in the season. Blend them into juice or make milkshakes with them, try anything but do take fresh fruit juices.

These were a few drinks you must have during summers. They are healthy, tasty and refreshing. The best part, easily made or available.