The Intriguing Journey of Lady Vastushastra Specialist – Dr. Deepa Kamari

We don’t normally see many female Vastushastra specialists, and that’s understandable, given the fact that this field has its own share of stigmas and challenges.

However, Dr Deepa Kamari fought against all the odds to fulfil childhood aspiration of becoming Vastushastra specialist.

Deepa says that she was inclined towards the spiritual world right from her early days. She took up a diploma course in Vastushastra and graduated with 82%.

The Intriguing Journey of Lady Vastushastra Specialist - Dr Deepa Kamari 02She says that the journey was patchy and not so convenient in the early days, but sheer determination and compassion made her fight for what she is today.

Deepa states that her family members have been by her side all the way through and thanked them for their constant support. Without them, it would have been an even tougher ride for her.

She opines that the society has various misconceptions regarding Vastushastra, and it might not exactly be a dream career for any typical women out there. But young aspirants can achieve their dream if they really fight for it and Vastushastra is no exception to this, she says.

The young Dr wants to stay focused for now and does not have any big plans for the future. She is willing to take things in a positive stride. Vastushastra is a well and truly rewarding experience, she concludes.

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